The World I See Tomorrow

What are we doing to ensure that our children can walk on a beach like this tomorrow?

When we throw our coke cans or chip packets in the streets, eventually it will end up on a beach like this.

In the office, when we choose to give our friends an advantage over another, the transgressions eventually leads to people allowing drilling and fracking on beaches like these.

We are all creators and even our words have an impact on the world that we shall see tomorrow.

Words spoken with bitterness, anger or intolerance, unite and ignite the mob mentality, whilst creating fear and inciting violence against the 'other" through the division it has also created.

Words spoken with compassion, kindness and tolerance create harmony and an acceptance which ignite the passion and inspiration to do the best that we can for themselves and for others.

So just for today, what do you consciously choose to do differently to change the world to the one you wish to see tomorrow?

Let's Turn Education On Its Head

I'm curious to know why everyone would have to learn how to speak English if everyone in their community speaks a common language other than English?

Educating children is supposed to empower them to later allow them to become independent,  gainfully employed, consumers of society. Oh! Sorry! Cough, Cough, I meant doctors, lawyers and bankers or so the children are told by parents and teachers. But the current curriculum has a blanket approach that says kids must all get degrees to become leaders in society, yet the same system does not actually teach kids how to manage budgets, create things and sell things so that they may be independent and autonomous citizens. The language used to teach is in itself a barrier to success for the millions of people who do not and will not ever move from their local communities.

How much easier would it be for the teachers to teach and for the learner to learn especially in rural areas if teachers were able to teach in their native language? Engl…

RSA ANIMATE: Changing Education Paradigms


Entrepreneur Mindset: The Chicken or The Egg

One of the biggest reasons for failure as an entrepreneur is the inability to raise funds or to sustain the a business beyond the first 18 months due to negative cash-flow.

So why are some entrepreneurs more successful than others?

We've all had the question about which comes first, the chicken or the egg? The journey of an entrepreneur begins with the same question - I want to start a business but I don't have funding, I can't get funding because I don't have experience in running a business.

But if I have one chicken and I have the patience to feed it, nurture it and keep it in good health, my chicken will lay eggs that can develop into more chickens AND bring in additional revenue from the eggs themselves, which will sustain me, my business and members of my community.

Having one egg and asking for funding to buy the things needed for it to hatch, requires a lot of creative thinking, effort and risk on the potential entrepreneur and investor. If you were either, whic…

Transformation Occurs Only Outside The Comfort Zone