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Entrepreneur Mindset: The Chicken or The Egg

One of the biggest reasons for failure as an entrepreneur is the inability to raise funds or to sustain the a business beyond the first 18 months due to negative cash-flow.

So why are some entrepreneurs more successful than others?

We've all had the question about which comes first, the chicken or the egg? The journey of an entrepreneur begins with the same question - I want to start a business but I don't have funding, I can't get funding because I don't have experience in running a business.

But if I have one chicken and I have the patience to feed it, nurture it and keep it in good health, my chicken will lay eggs that can develop into more chickens AND bring in additional revenue from the eggs themselves, which will sustain me, my business and members of my community.

Having one egg and asking for funding to buy the things needed for it to hatch, requires a lot of creative thinking, effort and risk on the potential entrepreneur and investor. If you were either, whic…

Transformation Occurs Only Outside The Comfort Zone


Sustainable Entrepreneurial Development on a Platter

This is a simple solution that solves several huge problems, is sustainable and can be replicated, whilst providing jobs for others.

Transformational Leaders are Curious - Watch the 1 minute video below to find out more

Some believe that entrepreneurship is only about making money. It is true that is one of the reasons for becoming an entrepreneur but if your business does not solve problems, how sustainable would it be?

Anna and her partners solve several problems. The recycling of milk cartons provides building materials for homes and furniture, whilst recycling trash. It provides the opportunity for several entrepreneurs to create businesses in waste treatment, construction, furniture making, distribution, marketing and sales. That is a sustainable development project for an entire community.

The possible challenges that this project may face are lack of water, required to wash and process the raw produce, and skills required for all of the potential new business created. There co…

Is Coaching And the Way We Coach Changing?

I am calling on fellow coaches to take the time to complete this 10 minute survey, the outcomes of which will be shared with all participants.

This survey aims to assess who are today's coaches, how they coach and what methods they use. The survey also aims  to gain an understanding of a potential evolution of coaching in the future. The information collected will be used as a dipstick in trying to understand how the industry is evolving. Please feel free to share the survey within your networks and on your social media platforms.

You will receive a copy of the outcomes for free in March 2018.


  At this stage it is only available in English and therefore results will only reflect English speaking participants. Please contact me if you wish to translate into other languages and publish the results in your country.

This survey will close on 28th February and results will be published by 14th March, 2018.

I Am What I Read

The books in the photo illustrate the type of person I am. They are on my unsorted bookshelf and as you can see. I am interested in many things from the pragmatic to the "airy-fairy". None of us is one unique thing and yet Social Media is conditioning us to become only one unique thing.

There was a period in my life where I read 4 to 5 books a week and these books are only the tiniest portion of what I have read in my entire life. My other bookshelves are organised by theme. I have bookshelves on business, spiritual awakening, nature, esoteric subjects, psychology and emotional development, crime fiction and nonfiction, religion, autobiography etc... Had I not thrown away any books in my lifetime, I would have my own personal library in my home. The subject you do not find in my bookshelf are on about hard physics and engineering, which I have never had a real interest in.

Why then does Social Media want to contain us into the confines of one tiny box? You are a some of all…