The World I See Tomorrow

Ponta Mamoli Beach, Mozambique Photo: Joan Laine Photography (C) 2018
What are we doing to ensure that our children can walk on a beach like this tomorrow?

When we throw our coke cans or chip packets in the streets, eventually it will end up on a beach like this.

In the office, when we choose to give our friends an advantage over another, the transgressions eventually leads to people allowing drilling and fracking on beaches like these.

We are all creators and even our words have an impact on the world that we shall see tomorrow.

Words spoken with bitterness, anger or intolerance, unite and ignite the mob mentality, whilst creating fear and inciting violence against the 'other" through the division it has also created.

Words spoken with compassion, kindness and tolerance create harmony and an acceptance which ignite the passion and inspiration to do the best that we can for themselves and for others.

So just for today, what do you consciously choose to do differently to change the world to the one you wish to see tomorrow?


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