Just Think Differently

What opens up as a possibility if you could think differently?

The power to change one's mindset may not be as difficult as we think. Simply choosing different responses may be enough to provoke a change in our thought process and therefore in our lifestyle.

Sooooo.... ! What if changing your life was as simple as thinking differently?

It is not a trick question, it is just a question that asks you to spend one week thinking differently when issues arise. Give it a try during the week ahead! Instead of responding with a knee jerk, automatic reaction, rather keep the above question in your mind and allow your subconscious to come up with alternative responses.
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You could even keep a journal if you want and jot down what comes up, then in a weeks time, assess the outcomes of the decisions you've made when choosing an alternative response. Has anything changed in the manner in which you respond or the manner in which others respond to you? Where there any insights?

Have fun with the question and get your friends and family to try thinking differently as well, so that you can then all share the experience.

In the interim it's late for me now so I'm off to my bed, thinking differently about how to shape my pillows to better suite the arms of Morpheus. Night! Night!

Joan Laine

Change & Transformation Consultant
NLP Practitioner
Project Manager

The only constant is change, why not embrace it?


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