The DNA of Belonging

When you are on track towards your goal and purpose, you naturally belong in society
The collapse of the natural community in the western world is literally killing us and is perpetuated by the consistent messages of separatism driven by the labels of political correctness.

Without connectivity there is a sense of not belonging. When we feel we do not belong we either retreat within ourselves, or act out because we are seeking attention. Often this may lead to depression or acts of violence, some of the most extreme being public shootings in cinemas, schools or churches.

Old behaviours described as new

Here is some food for thought, why are all genders that are different, collectively clustered together under the PC label LGBT?  Oh! Dear, now how did we overlook the fact that we have excluded the aitches (H's for Hetrosexual), are they then all possiblyAsexual?

But wait a minute -  it possible that the principles of colonialism never really disappeared from society but were just cleverly disguised under the more acceptable label of political correctness? Duh!Duh! Duuuh!

What if United we stand, divided we fall (as rulers) and Divide and conquer (the oppressed society) has been the manner in which the masses have been manipulated over time to ensure that segregation of the us and them is maintained at all costs? And what if Political Correctness was used as the vehicle to embed the desired set of negative behaviours within the DNA of the fabric of society?

We may no longer hear the old colonist phrases spoken out loud because of their negative connotations but are they not still actively applied in society today, interwoven in our everyday politically correct terms, to hide the fact that the reinforcement of segregation and exclusion has been a systemic and deliberate process for at least 25 years or more?

The survival of all living creatures, requires their ability to live and work in harmony. Separation from the tribe leads to faster death in most cases. Are we as a society waking up to this, breaking free from the psychological chains that have kept us enslaved since the end of the WWII to do the bidding of governments and corporates for the interests of the few against the interest of the people?

Is this why the great institutions are beginning to fall as we as a society begin to awaken to the fact that our freedom of speech, movement and right to privacy have slowly been eroded to the point where a vertically challenged person is the correct term to use for a short or small person? Really? Come. On. Guys! My eyes see a person that is short, my brain still tells me, "Oh! that short person over there gave me such a sweet smile" 😃  at no point in time does it say "Oh! that vertically challenged person gave me such a sweet smile!" Ever!

More food for thought?

Why is it legal and socially acceptable to smoke and drink in society when all research demonstrates that they are both proven to be the highest causes of the ills of modern society? This includes depression, medical diseases, death, domestic violence and violence in general. It is acknowledged that smoking laws have changed considerably over the last 15 years, yet tobacco is till not a prohibited substance and neither is alcohol.

The evidence is irrefutable as indicated by insurance premiums, since you pay more if you drink or smoke. Who would gain to have the masses subdued and malleable to receive programmed and negative subliminal messages of self worth. Think about the industrial era and the senselessness of sitting in a factory on an assembly line, repeatedly doing one or two tasks for 8 hours a day. Was it a coincidence that pubs are within walking distance of almost every home in England?

Why do governments authorise laws that allow the sale of toxic consumables, which kill more of their citizens directly or indirectly each day than any other other single cause of death? And how is it that the same governments can make money from it, even referred to as Sin Tax in some countries. The Sin Tax that is justified because it is used to put money into the governmental coffers for national health care services. Bwahahaha! Oops! Sorry, did I just laugh out loud?

But more importantly, as citizens, why do we allow this to happen? Surely our constitutions protect us and we have a right to have these legalised drugs banned? (Common sense runs out the door.)

And let's not forget all of the people who are functioning in society, drugged to the eyeballs on legalised drugs bought over the counter. People who are depressed because they feel that they don't belong in one of those carefully labelled Politically Correct boxes. So, who gains from the dysfunctional, isolated, separated western society? Hint! Follow the money!

The Change

People are waking up as they seek a healthier lifestyle, the haze created from the alcohol ingurgitated during the acceptable social drinking phase is lifting and minds are becoming clearer. Years of embedded commands and signals are being nullified as each individual begins to understand that the pain of sitting uncomfortably inside boxes not designed to accommodate that body, gender, colour or religious type is not worth it and so they are breaking free from generations of conditioning to seek fulfillment of their highest potential.

People are saying, "There's Got To Be More To Life Than This!" and they are going out to find out what it is. On their journey to finding what that it is, people are seeking out those who are like minded, with the understanding that they do belong to society, just not this one that has been manufactured and designed purely to enrich a handful of men at the expense of the majority of others - men, women, children, black, white, gay, trans, bi, lesbian, short, stout and every other "them" in western society.

We are choosing to understand that we can go within ourselves to find the cancerous cells encoded within our DNA, in order to reprogramme them with those behaviours that we inherently know are appropriate, such as compassion, empathy, trust and forgiveness. We understand that tolerance and acceptance naturally bring about peace and harmony and that the meeting of different cultures has always enriched humanity, allowing for natural growth and evolution to take place.

We are beginning to understand that our power as an individual lies with the ability to say no to those things that do not serve our highest good, and to voice those things out loud to friends, family and colleagues. We naturally understand that our one voice joined with another's voice and another's will be loud enough to be heard and powerful enough to shift mindsets in order to make that difference.

I'm a black woman of 54 years living life with its ups and downs. I was a pretty angry black female teen and mightily p'd off with God at the age of 13 but I gave up defending being black when I was 13 because I realised I AM BLACK! I gave up defending being female at the same age but traded off with God and said "You better make sure I can be a mom, else there's no point in me being born a female!" I gave up defending them both because they are both accurate descriptions of me and I realised that the effort it would require to defend those two statements of fact would shorten my lifespan since I could do nothing to change them.

Finding our place in society requires that we are authentic and have an understanding of who we are within ourselves. We then negotiate, compromise and adapt to those within our environment in order to fit in. When on a transformation journey towards self-mastery, fitting in allows us to find our true selves in the process and provides the tools enabling us to let go of those things that no longer serve. Those things that no longer serve us are usually encased in our old values and belief systems. Choosing what we wish to work on becomes important and understanding that we cannot change others is key to enjoying a smoother transition towards the transformation into a state of belonging.

 "I have the power to change myself and my own behaviours." 

The DNA of Embracing Change (c) Joan Laine 


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