I Am What I Read

The books in the photo illustrate the type of person I am. They are on my unsorted bookshelf and as you can see. I am interested in many things from the pragmatic to the "airy-fairy". None of us is one unique thing and yet Social Media is conditioning us to become only one unique thing.

There was a period in my life where I read 4 to 5 books a week and these books are only the tiniest portion of what I have read in my entire life. My other bookshelves are organised by theme. I have bookshelves on business, spiritual awakening, nature, esoteric subjects, psychology and emotional development, crime fiction and nonfiction, religion, autobiography etc... Had I not thrown away any books in my lifetime, I would have my own personal library in my home. The subject you do not find in my bookshelf are on about hard physics and engineering, which I have never had a real interest in.

Why then does Social Media want to contain us into the confines of one tiny box? You are a some of all the parts that make you a women, daughter, wife, mother or sister (this applies to all genders, I am using female simply because I am female). In all of these parts you are still a female but you will speak and act differently in each of these roles because it would not be appropriate for you to act and speak like a daughter in the presence of your boss - whether the boss is male or female.

Being a Transformational Leader is about owning self and being unafraid to show those parts of us that do not fit with what people know about us.

What would people be surprised to find in your unorganised bookshelf?

Do you think it would change the way they feel about you?

Are there any books you would feel a need to defend?

Does your Social Media "bookshelf" only show one of your the shelves, do you show different shelves to different people, or do you have an eclectic mix on your shelves that shows different parts of you at any moment to all?

Tell us about your bookshelves and or how you "display" yourself in social media?


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