Sustainable Entrepreneurial Development on a Platter

This is a simple solution that solves several huge problems, is sustainable and can be replicated, whilst providing jobs for others.

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Some believe that entrepreneurship is only about making money. It is true that is one of the reasons for becoming an entrepreneur but if your business does not solve problems, how sustainable would it be?

Anna and her partners solve several problems. The recycling of milk cartons provides building materials for homes and furniture, whilst recycling trash. It provides the opportunity for several entrepreneurs to create businesses in waste treatment, construction, furniture making, distribution, marketing and sales. That is a sustainable development project for an entire community.

The possible challenges that this project may face are lack of water, required to wash and process the raw produce, and skills required for all of the potential new business created. There could be other challenges, but with research, resilience, the right partners and a desire to succeed, they can be overcome as Anna and her partners in Ecuador have demonstrated.

So, entrepreneurs! Are you in for a sustainable solution on a platter? If so, why not become a partner for sustainable development by collaborating on projects with other entrepreneurs? In that way you will grow your own business whilst, also benefiting from skilled resources from partner business AND positively contributing to the socio-economical development and upliftment of your own communities.

Don't think it can work? Then find out why Sweden has to import trash from other countries!

Find out more about how you can get involved in the through this link UN2030 17 Sustainable Development Goals

The objective is for all businesses to actively contribute to at least one of those SDG's to ensure that we are protecting our people, the planet whilst still making a profit.

Embracing Change is Seeking SDG Partners for Educational Project

Embracing Change is a start up providing business services and a vehicle used to create Transformational Leadership Coaching Solutions for sustainable development. At the moment, Joan Laine (moi) is the sole owner of the company and I am looking for SDG partners to collaborate on a 10 year, 3 phased educational project. The ultimate objective is to create coaching academies for youth, so that we may change the way we teach and learn, thus responding to the future of work and the emerging industries.

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