Embracing Change - Be Curious

In life there are opportunities that come our way either to teach us lessons or to fulfill our dreams, but in order to reach the opportunities we have to step through the doors that have opened for us.

Yet we hesitate... sometimes for too long because we want to know that it is safe or don't want to risk existing losing comforts.

The door this lady is walking through may be the invitation into a life of unwanted behaviours, it maybe an invitation for the lady to loosen up and go and have fun, in may also be the opportunity for the photographer to experiment with different lighting and textures, leading to alternative career opportunities. In any of these cases, nothing would change if no one walked through the door that opportunity has opened.

Embracing Change - Be Curious By Joan Laine

By being curious you are already embracing change to find out more about how to transform your life by Embracing Change through Transformational Leadership visit https://embracingchange.co.za/ or contact Joan Laine @JoanLaine  to book an intro session

Joan Laine is a Change & Transformation Consultant whose core focus is on Transformational Leadership


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