Ponderings - The Land of The Free


The land of the free?
Freedom of speech?
Express yourself freely?
Freedom of Expression?

Are these just a group of words put together to sound nice and entice others to come and live in the country with cities paved with gold;

or maybe the fine print was so well hidden that no one noticed the exceptions and exclusions when they sold the American Dream?

A silent protest is no longer acceptable in the US. This year police have been seen dragging people out of wheel chairs who were protesting, people laying down on the street in silent protest have been attacked, people peacefully protecting their homes and their land were attacked by the army, and people who kneel in silent protest are vilified; but it was freedom of expression when the KKK marched through the town unmasked.

So are there two definitions of the word FREE?

It seems Americans are losing more and more freedom each day, and that it is so easy to keep people distracted from what is really happening in the world.

  • Your President is about to start world WWIII
  • Your country and fellow country men are suffering from the loss of lives and homes after the battering of three massive hurricanes 
  • Laws and policies are being changed to restrict your freedom of expression on the internet even further
Yet you are arguing because some of your citizens are choosing to express their dissatisfaction at the inequality in your country by silently protesting on one knee.... the position used for praying, when one is humbled, when one is about to propose or when one is about to be knighted.

America appears to be on the brink of war either with itself or with the world, or maybe even both. Her people also seems hellbent on giving up their freedom as She moves more and more towards a police state.

War on Drugs - except over the counter legal opiates, SSRI's and Benzodiazepine. oh and don't forget alcohol is legal too.

For Profit Prisons - called slave labour elsewhere in the world.

Weapons of Mass Destruction -Who? What? Where?

The Wall - Berlin Repeated.

Deportations - people ripped from their families, homes and friends. People denouncing neighbours so that they may be deported.

Increasing Lack of Accountability for Police Brutalities - 1984 irl

Unmasked KKK March Through the Town - it's okay that was freedom of expression

Pardon of Friend Running Quasi Concentration Camp - because perhaps the said friend will now become a law abiding citizen?



sound of marching boots fade into the distance and as the dust of their boots clear, a cold, grey devastated landscape reveals itself. The tattered, blackened remnants of the American flag, catches the eye as it flutters in the wind.

A reminder.... History always repeats itself when humanity does not learn.

What do we need to do differently as a human race to get a different outcome? I say we because it is not an American issue, it is a human one. When an entire country, then a continent, then the world looks on as atrocities are committed on mass against fellow human beings, we are all at fault. That is how Auschwitz and Rwanda came about. It's why it is still happening in Syria and DRC. It is why it can happen in the US.

So who do we need to become to stop the inequalities, the oppression and the suppression of those who are different to ourselves?

Is it so difficult to accept that we are of one race and that harmony does not need to be fought for?

Since we are all only human after all, mothers and fathers may I appeal to you to stop and think? Would you like your children to be treated the way you tell your children to treat others? Would you be proud? Would you be happy?  If your child were treated in the same way, would they come home harmed or intact?

Still pondering...

What do I need to change in my behaviour to make this world a better place?


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