Plant The Seeds To Success and Trust The Universe

Only two weeks ago we decorated our Promise Pots and planted our Seeds of Success in them during our Spring Day Retreat hosted by Lynnie Blessings and Sheryl Walton.

I'm thrilled to see the progress of budding flowers appearing in my Promise Pot. I must admit, I am impatient to see what my Promise Pot will offer me and like a little kid at the approach of Christmas, I have to see how it is growing each day.  I can't wait to discover what is actually growing in it ;-)

In order to truly transform, letting go and going with the flow often requires a change in mindset. Trust that the Universe will provide when you are living your life's purpose, and it will.

It does require that you plant the seeds of success first, that you nurture your dream, and that you give it love and compassion and then... you leave it alone to germinate and manifest.

In the trusting, it does not matter if you do not recognise what is emerging, just trust that it is exactly what is needed to provide you with the joyful abundance that you seek.

So embrace the changes as they occur and remember to have fun along the way.


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