Building Change Resilience - Be Self Assured

Be Self-Assured

What does that look like? Is it being able to demonstrate to a crowd? Maybe it is knowing that the information you share with others is of value? Could it be about being dressed to the nines and smooth talking your way through anything? Or is it having the confidence to say what you mean in any circumstance without being arrogant? However it is portrayed, self-assurance is one of the key characteristics of building your own resilience to change.

But how does building my confidence help in the corporate environment?

When you are self-assured, you are always moving forward and getting on with the task at hand. There is no questioning that you have the skills to achieve the required results and you share your ideas, contributing towards the success of the team.

When you are self-assured, you are not afraid to ask questions or to admit that you don't know what you don't know. You also don't mind acting the fool at times, either to get the point across or simply just to lighten the mood!

All well and good but how do you become more self-assured?
Here are a few of hints and tips:
  • Build up your knowledge about the area you feel unconfident in. Google it, read books, do a course or ask friends and colleagues about their experiences
  • Practice makes perfect. Try and try again. Remember what it felt like to change gears on your first tries? I bet you don’t even think about it today!
  • Ask for help. Tell your colleagues, manager, family and friends. You will be surprised how many people are not only happy to help you but also feel validated that you came to them.
  • Do something different. In my case, I took up scuba diving last year, even though I had a phobia of water. I had many frightening moments but also many aha moments. Less than a year later I was a Rescue Diver. It has taken a lot for me to become self-assured enough to take the next to become a Dive Master who has to confidently lead others.
  • It’s alright to look the fool. As part of their training psychologists, have to do something embarrassing in public (e.g. walk funny, lie on the floor humming) and it’s amazing how little people notice.
At the end of the day... Just dare to do it! It doesn’t have to be extreme. Just a little thing that you thought you could never do, like baking a cake or running 5kms! The mere act of stepping out of your comfort zone will fill you with inspiration and self-assurance to become that team leader or speaker!


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