Building Change Resilience - Have A Personal Vision

Have a Personal Vision

There is nothing worse than being faced with changing landscapes and not knowing what lies ahead. It's like walking along an unknown path in a forest, having to constantly look left, right to check that you are not heading toward danger

As a core characteristic of building resilience to change, knowing where you are heading automatically provides confidence that you can move forward in this changing landscape without the world falling one of the first actions towards having a personal vision is to get clarity as to what it looks like.

If you who were at the “Transform Indaba”, Funeka Montjane’s message of defining clear goals will still resonate clearly with you. Here is an opportunity to align your personal vision, with your team’s and ultimately the Bank’s vision and 2015 commitment to having “the whole bank at your fingertips”.

Clearly knowing where you fit in the team and what you need to be doing for the day, week or month ahead, enables you to confidently speak up and voice concerns or challenges when you need to. How exciting is it for you to be able to look back and say, “I was on that journey and this is the role I played in making it happen?”

Once you have clarity, take a few moments each day to check your daily compass to see if you are still on track and aligned with your personal vision.

Defining your personal vision

Do you have a personal vision already? If so, what skills and lessons learnt can also be applied to the workplace? e.g. If you play soccer or rugby, you would be used to having to pass the ball – this would be the same as delegating to your colleagues at work.

If you need more support in getting clarity for your personal vision here are a few ideas; 
  • Use a coach – it really is worth getting a personal coach from time to time to get clarity and direction
  • Try role playing with a friend or a colleague – set the scenario to see where you will be in 3 to 6 months time. Once that is clear, break it down to see what you need to be doing to get there.
Remember to keep it simple. My son created a vision board in 5 minutes one day on the paper tablecloth at a restaurant. As he achieved each goal, he placed a photo next to it. In 6 years, he had achieved 85% of his objectives, which included getting a bond for his own place and buying a decent wardrobe for himself, because he thought it was wasteful to have lots of clothes!

Need to know more about creating your personal vision?

Good reads

The Personal Vision Workbooks - by Tobin Burgess, Kevin Pugh and Leo Sevigny
What Colour Is Your Parachute – by Richard N. Bolles

Click on the link to read to have a go at  Creating your own personal vision

Or Play the Coaching Game – This is a fun card game that may be used to support you set clear goals. It’s also fun to use it in a group and of course it can also be used to clarify your personal vision.

If you’re stuck and not sure where to start, why not watch The Bucket List, which is what inspired my son to begin his own vision board.

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Share your personal vision with us or give us your tips and recommendations on how you created your own personal vision. Be creative and you might even feature in one of our future blogs.


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